Why does Marissa Haque hate Vina Panduwinata so much?

7 November 2010 |

Why does Marissa Haque hate Vina Panduwinata so much? First, Marissa says on her blog that Vina was very pleased touched her husband's body even long long time ago when they were nikah siri. Second, she hate when Vina's breast attached to the body of her husband. Third, Vina has saggy breasts right now because she is getting old. OK then, you can read her blog for the rest of the stories...


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Anonymous said...

Vina's breast attached Ikang Fauzi's body? Are u sure its attached?? So now Ikang has vina's breast?? Do u mean touched??

soeratno bhenco grabag purworejo said...

lam kenal toek semuanya

Anonymous said...

attached = nyerempet, nempel

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