Julie and Bella holding printout of “blogartis.blogspot.com” when they both answered the questions from journalists about this pictures. It was quoted by Insert (Trans TV), Expose Siang (TVOne), I-gossip (SCTV) and Cek & Ricek (RCTI)

>> Tabloid XO brought Sandra Dewi's photo clipping to its cover

>> Kapanlagi.com (Entertainment Online)
Kapanlagi.com quoted the story about Nadia Shapira, unfortunately they don't link to "blogartis.blogspot.com" shame on me... That was unfair!

maia ahmad
>> Maia, she visited "blogartis.blogspot.com"

>> Quoted by Ada Gossip and [Roy Suryo?], Sandra Dewi's pics was captured from this post.

>> Galaxie Blog: Malaysia's entertainment magazine blog.

Last updated November 4th, 2008


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And more to come, I guess!

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