Kaka Slank And Kristina

3 March 2008 |

Foto Kaka Slank And Kristina
Kaka Slank: What are you doing, Kristina?

Kristina: I do nothing (giggling)

Kaka Slank: But…but…your hand? It’s …

Kristina: Shut up, smile at spectator… look at them … they love our performance? They hysterical…

Kaka Slank: mmm… but … your hand?

Kristina: We were did great show, Kaka… Successful show! They love it! rock and dang dut… you and me…hi hi hi… (giggling)

Kaka Slank: Your hand Kristina, your Hand!

Kristina: What? my hand? Oh my god!! I thought that was Microphone! Why you did not tell me?

Kaka Slank: ???


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bathmate said...

it really very good.
I love it !
I like it !
thanks :)- .


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