Evan Sanders pictures, are those real or fake?

14 March 2008 |

Foto Evan Sanders dengan buleOn the previuos post, I was shared how to observe a photo (Sandra Dewi) that has been altered and how to know celebrity picture whether real or fake. Recently, (look like) Evan Sanders’ pictures with a guy (bule) has been circulating. Those pictures has been made a rumor about Evan Sander’s sexual orientation. Personally, I don’t care about someone sexual orientation because it’s purely their choice to be straight or gay.

I just curious about those pics, how about you? Take a look at those pics and you decide, are those real or fake?

Click here to view who is (another celebrity) currently part of the rumor mill (consider their personal level of risk, and then you decide -- are they or aren't they?)

Note: this posting is for scientific purposes only.


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Anonymous said...

This is a link of evans boyfrien evans boyfriend http://Sweetadonis.Com/v2/guest/model/php?model=789 . He is a real gay model

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