Puput Melati - Getting Married Young

28 January 2008 |

Safia Putri Melati or Puput Melati (born May 13, 1983) is former top Indonesia’s kid singer ( like Sherina Munaf). But she’s decided to get married young.

Puput Melati
FYI, Puput. Here are nasihat perkawinan great advises quote for young couples like you.

Face reality: the divorce rate in this country is sky-high, and about half of all marriages do not last “until death do us part.” Make sure that you aren’t jumping into a commitment that you aren’t ready to make. Young couples are at an increased risk for marital problems and divorce. If you are getting married in your twenties, be prepared to live on a tight budget (unless you are quite lucky). Financial problems are the number one cause of disputes between spouses, and since young people are just learning how to navigate in the financial world, it’s not surprising that young married couples often quarrel over money matters.

Puput Melati
BTW, you are sexy but did your make up too much...?

Puput Melati

This is Puput Melati Video:


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Don Joe said...

cakepan pas kecil nya.. tp yg sekarang lbh hot!

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