Poll: Luna Maya is the best of "dream girls"

19 January 2008 |

Poll: Luna Maya is the best of “dream girls”

Hi guys! It is time to publish our voting result. The Poll was begun three months ago and closed yesterday. Thanks for you guys who gave your voted. The final result, Luna Maya is the best of “dream girls” which is 443 among 1.086 total ( 40%) voted for her. The second “dream girl” is Bunga Citra Lestari 337 (30%), followed by Masayu Anastasia 207 (19%), Julia Perez 187 (17%), Marlin Taroreh 78 (7%) and 53 (4%) choosed none of them.

Well, Luna Maya congratulations. You are our readers dreams girl. Next poll: who is the best, Mulan Jameela or Maia Estianty?

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