Enny Beatrice - from "Virgins From Hell" to Minister's Wife

8 October 2007 |

Enny Beatrice - from Enny Beatrice - Lara Croft from the 80's

For those who miss the 80's babes:

A gang of drug dealers murders a family and then uses their house as a laboratory. The two surviving sisters join a motorcycle gang and don’t hesitate to use any means available to them to make them pay for their crime. Its title says everything and more. Biker girls, leather clothes, violence, sex and all sorts of horrible tortures are just a few a the elements of this psychotronic mixture of biker-movie and prison exploitation that doesn’t beat about the bush when it comes to displaying sadism and morbidity. An exemplary sample of the most savage, undiscovered Indonesian cinema.

The above is plot summary for Virgins From Hell (Perawan Di Sarang Sindikat), movie starring Enny Beatrice an Indonesia’s sex icon in 80’s. Enny married to Malaysian who now a ministry of tourism (Menteri Pelancongan Malaysia).

Enny Beatrice - from Enny Beatrice - "Do your homework, kiddo!"

Enny Beatrice - from Enny Beatrice - "I'm angry..."

Enny Beatrice - from Enny Beatric and fan - "I'm getting old..."


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