Gadis Cantik - Intan Nuraini

5 September 2007 |

Intan Nuraini is a Popular Indonesia’s actress for TV Soap Opera (artis sinetron). She also a singer as her debut album (Penguasa Lelaki) presented in music stores. Intan was graduated from Faculty of Letters - University of Indonesia (UI).

Intan was Sahrul Gunawan girl friend and also reported closed to Vicky Nitinegoro and then they both married with someone else. The while Intan is still single.

Wallpaper Babes - Intan Nuraini
Wallpaper Babes - Intan Nuraini
Wallpaper Babes - Intan Nuraini


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juffan said...

don't worry be happy.

Anonymous said...

hope you all appy today

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