Sexy Girl: Vega Darwanthy

13 August 2007 |

Wallpaper Babes: Vega
Vega Darwanthy or known as “Ngatini” was born in Jakarta March 12, 1986. Vega and Dianovita (Ngatiyem) are both “waitresses” who are serve drinks and snacks to “empat mata” guess star. Compare to Dian, Vega is more coquettish and often to make fresh jokes (and we love her jokes so far…). Vega is also one of top 35 of AFI 3 contestants.

On May this year, we will see her be a part of “Kuku Bima” advertisement together with Rieke Dyah Pitaloka and Mbah Maridjan. She’s already got one year contract from Sido Muncul.


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seksi banget

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