Sexy Girl: Dominique Agisca Diyose

13 August 2007 |

Wallpaper Babes: Dominique Agisca Diyose
Wallpaper Babes: Dominique Agisca Diyose 2
Dominique Agisca Diyose is one of Indonesia’s top fashion models, Dominique makes her feature film debut in Berbagi Suami. She was discovered by the film’s director Nia Dinata at a Jakarta Fashion Week event.

Dominique was born on August 7, 1988 in Semarang. She is an Indonesian Chinese-Japan girl. When asked how she found acting compared to modelling, Dominique said: "Modelling is very much like acting. Acting is fun. Making Berbagi Suami was a very good first acting experience for me"


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unjinx said...

Domini, kamu centik deh.

Anonymous said...

haiiiii, dominique masih inget gue ga?gue sri temen smp lo di bekasi di SMP NEGRI 5 TAMBUN lo ga lupa kan ma gue?

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